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Account-Based Marketing & Content Marketing: Friends or Foes?

Content Marketing World

Day: September 7

Time: 3:20pm

Speaker: Joe Chernov

Location: Room 25

How do you know two marketers are talking about Account-based Marketing? Their lips are moving. Account-based Marketing, or ABM, is the topic on everyone’s tongue. As marketers, we’re prone to zero-sum conclusions. The rise of one trend must mean the fall of another. To that end, many observers contend that the growth of ABM will come at the expense of content marketing. But will it? This session will explore the relationship between ABM and content marketing, answering the question: Are they friends or foes?

Attendees will learn:

  • What Account-based Marketing is
  • How to determine the right blend of Account-based Marketing and content marketing strategies for their business
  • What lessons learned in content marketing apply to Account-based Marketing
  • How to think about measuring Account-based Marketing
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