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How to Level-Up Your Writing and Make It Ludicrously Spectacular

Content Marketing World

Day: September 8

Time: 2:50pm

Speaker: Ann Handley

Location: Room 26

Most everyone hates writing.

But most everyone loves to have written.

Especially when we’ve produced something we can be proud of. (“Of which we can be proud” might be technically correct. But it sounds too stuffy, amirite?)

Come to this fun session to hear Ann Handley’s take on how you can level-up your own marketing writing.

In this new talk, Ann will share three key insights into how you can take your writing from second-rate to spectacular.

From mediocre to remarkable.

From boring to brilliant.

This isn’t a warmed-over version of stuff she’s covered in Everybody Writes, either. This is brand-new material based on insights she’s gleaned since her bestselling book on writing was published two years ago.

When Ann Handley talks about writing, it’s neither boring nor dull.

So you’d better not miss this. Because regret is a terrible thing to live with. (“With which to live?” Nope. Not using that, either.)

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