Templates and Checklists

Why reinvent the wheel? Use our marketing templates to stay organized and follow best practices.

  • Content journey map template

    Content journey map template

    Embedding your content strategy into your customer journey will give your team a clear roadmap of what content should be created and promoted. Use this content journey map template to start planning.

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  • Content mapping template

    Content mapping template

    Do you have the right content to answer your prospects' questions and effectively nurture them? Use our content mapping template to find out!

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  • Multi-channel ad experience template

    Multi-channel ad experience template

    Use this template to map out copy, creative, and budget, for your multi-channel ad campaigns.

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  • Nurture experience checklist

    Nurture experience checklist

    Building a nurture experience? Use this checklist to ensure you have thought through all the elements when it comes to creating a destination for your nurture campaigns.

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  • Welcome email nurture template

    Welcome email nurture template

    Trying to figure out what content should map to what email? Use this welcome email nurture template to plan the content you want to include in your lead nurturing program.

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  • Content audit template

    Content audit template

    Get a better sense of your content needs and gaps by conducting a content audit. Use this template to get you started!

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  • Email nurture testing template

    Email nurture testing template

    Use this email nurture testing template to keep track of the tests you're performing and optimize your nurture programs for best results!

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  • Sales enablement deck template

    Sales enablement deck template

    Use this template to create sales and marketing alignment for demand campaigns

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