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Welcome email nurture template

Creating a nurture program is only as good as the content you include. After all, to nurture leads (or customers) you're going to need content. And to create a personalized welcome nurture you're going to want to map each flow out by persona. 

Here's a look at how we do it:

How To Use This Template

  • Start by determining how many emails you want to send. Our welcome nurture template includes 10 emails but yours might be shorter.
  • Include your personas based on audience segments and what you know about their interests, needs, and pain.
  • Then map content at different stages of the funnel to your content library. 
  • Identify any holes you have (like those greyed out above) and add those to your content marketer's to-do list.

Want a template of your very own? Get our welcome email nurture template here.

NOTE: Be sure to make a copy of this template so you can edit, tweak, and fill in the blanks.

We hope this makes selecting content for your welcome nurture—or any nurture for that matter—just a little easier.

About the Author

Christine is an experience-obsessed marketer. She was Uberflip's Director of Content, where creating engaging content experiences for marketers was a challenge she accepted daily. She believes that if you can't attract, engage, and compel that next action with your content, then why bother? She also has a thing for pugs, but who doesn't.

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