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Content mapping template

What's the point of having loads of content if you don't have the right content? While many marketers focus on bringing traffic to their site by creating a lot of Awareness (TOFU) content, when it comes time to build a sales nurture or address common questions in the sales process, you'll want to ensure you have content that matches up to your buyer's pain points (and lots of it)!

We created this spreadsheet to help marketers ensure they have enough of the right content to be effective in their demand generation efforts. Filling out this content mapping template will not only allow you to see what you have and identify gaps but it will also help enable both your marketing and sales team to know which content to use when. 

How To Use This Template

  • Start by deciding on your segmentation. For a lot of us, persona is a good place to start.
  • Then outline the pain points per persona, as well as the overarching value story that most aligns to the buyer pain.
  • Next, you can outline the benefit statements that specifically address how your product or service can help solve the buyer's problem or need.  
  • From there, you'll include the URLs to the specific content you have (blog posts, videos, guides, customer stories, product sheets) that help illustrate these points as well as the funnel stage they're most aligned to (Awareness/TOFU, Consideration/MOFU, Decision/BOFU).
  • A lot of marketers will stop here, but if you want to take it one step further, you can include a customer quote or testimonial that speaks to this pain point as well as a customer who would be willing to hop on a reference call to help alleviate any concerns or answer any questions that might arise in the sales process.

Ready to get started? Make a copy of the template for yourself here

NOTE: Make sure to go to File > Make a Copy of this template so you can create an editable document of your own! 

About the Author

Christine is an experience-obsessed marketer. She was Uberflip's Director of Content, where creating engaging content experiences for marketers was a challenge she accepted daily. She believes that if you can't attract, engage, and compel that next action with your content, then why bother? She also has a thing for pugs, but who doesn't.

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