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Building the Capability-Led Marketing Tech Stack

SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange

Date: Thursday, November 17

Time: 10:30am–11:10am

Speakers: Jeff Clark, SiriusDecisions Research Director: Marketing Operations Strategies; Jonathan Tam, SiriusDecisions Research Director: Demand Generation Strategies

From SiriusDecisions:

Technology seemingly exists for everything marketers desire: from Web site personalization and content marketing to planning and budgeting. This doesn’t mean that marketing requires or even would benefit from having every technology available. Rather, leaders must understand the capabilities they require and have the right combination of expertise, process, and technology required to deliver them. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing, and product:

  • Understand the key capabilities required by b-to-b marketing organizations
  • Learn how to evaluate your organization’s capabilities – or lack thereof – when designing the technology stack
  • Gain insight on how to define the processes, expertise, and technology required to enable each of the capabilities your marketing organization requires
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