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Analytics-Enabled Marketing: Nine Use Cases for Better Results

SiriusDecisions Tech Exchange

Date: Thursday, November 17

Time: 11:20am–12:00pm

Speakers: Erin Bohlin, SiriusDecisions Research Director: Demand Creation Strategies; Kerry Cunningham, SiriusDecisions Research Director

From SiriusDecisions:

Until recently, a dearth of data in b-to-b hindered marketers’ ability to make data-driven decisions. Now, from addressable-market segmentation to opportunity forecasting, the availability of data and analytic processes enable the improvement or replacement of existing practices. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • See the new SiriusDecisions Predictive Analytics Framework, and understand the top nine applications b-to-b marketing leaders should consider
  • Learn how to assess your demand creation processes to determine if and where predictive analytics can drive performance improvements
  • Hear how predictive analytics can add both precision and scale to market segmentation and messaging
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