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First, Find Your Mission: How to Use Brand Purpose to Drive Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing World

Day: September 8

Time: 12:05pm

Speaker: Russell Sparkman

Location: Room 26

B2B and B2C Brand purpose is a powerful compass point that leads to engaging content that matters, for both customers and internal stakeholders. Through real world examples and case studies, this session will demonstrate how and why answers to the question “What’s Our Purpose?” are great insights for creating content that connects.

Attendee takeaways:

  • Have an appreciation for how and why purpose has become a powerful driver of engaging content ideas (social, economic and business trends reported by Edelman and others will be cited)
  • Be able to understand and articulate to their teams how answering “What’s Our Purpose?” leads to content that offers either practical value, or values-based content
  • Be able to cite examples of purpose-focused content marketing in action by well known, global brands
  • Will see how a purpose focus keeps internal marketing and sales teams excited, enthused and engaged with the content that they have to produce, day in and day out
  • Gain an emotional lift because many of the case studies cited will be some of the most inspiring, compelling and exciting examples of best practices in content marketing imaginable
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