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Uberflip Use Case: ABM

Snowflake ABM Example

Whether account-based marketing (ABM) is a relatively new concept to you or something you’ve been doing for years, there is no debating its effectiveness. It has certainly played a big role in our success at Uberflip, and over the last year, we have seen some huge ABM wins for our customers too.

Most of the marketers we speak with shudder at the idea of building a custom landing page for each of their target accounts. It typically involves wrestling with their content management system or marketing automation platform, or offering their first born to a member of the IT team to help code something up. In most cases, it takes hours just to create one landing page.

With Uberflip, ABM marketers can now use Marketing Streams to create personalized content experiences for each of their target accounts, at scale. We've even created an ABM Crash Course to help you get started. 

The team at Snowflake, pioneers of a completely new SQL data warehouse built for the cloud, use Marketing Streams to deliver personalized ABM experiences to their 1200+ target accounts. Not only have they been able to engage 100 percent of these accounts with content, but in 2018, they discovered that 50 percent of their entire online content consumption came from these one-to-one experiences.