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Account-Based Marketing Just Got a Lot More Interesting—and Easier

Most businesses want an effective way to engage their customers with content, they just need the right tools to do it at scale. Today we’re releasing an important update to help make personalizing content experiences even more scalable.

Whether account-based marketing (ABM) is a relatively new concept to you or something you’ve been doing for years, there is no debating its effectiveness. It has certainly played a big role in our success at Uberflip, and over the last year, we have seen some huge ABM wins for our customers too.

A pivotal part of the ABM framework is content. So much effort is given to identifying our accounts and targeting them with personalized ads, but if the destination after the click is not an engaging experience. Everything falls flat.

In order to engage buyers and accelerate them through our funnel, we need to provide a highly relevant and personalized content experience that makes it easy for them to consume more content, faster. We also need to enable every team within the organization to create and distribute engaging experiences, because after all, content isn’t only for marketers. It’s leveraged by sales and customer success too.

The beauty (and curse) of ABM is personalization. But let’s face it, creating personalized content experiences can be a daunting task.

Most of the marketers we speak with shudder at the idea of building a custom landing page for each of their target accounts. It typically involves wrestling with their CMS or marketing automation platform, or offering their first born to a member of the IT team to help code something up. In most cases, it takes hours just to create one landing page.

If you really want to see ROI from your ABM efforts, you need a way to create personalized content experience at scale.

For a long time, we’ve known that Uberflip is the answer. With over 30,000 content streams currently existing in our platform, made up of over a million content assets, Uberflip is in a unique position to provide our customers with a scalable way to create personalized content experiences for their buyers. Just ask our customers:

“Uberflip was the perfect platform to align with our other ABM tools. With Uberflip, we are able to scale tailored content experiences to each prospect, and help continue conversations.”

- Daniel Day, Director, Account Based Marketing at Snowflake

“We used to send people to landing pages by creating custom, standalone pages on our website. We would dedicate our design and development resources to execute these pages and I ended up building out some of them myself. Now, with Uberflip, we’re able to quickly spin up an ABM page in just minutes.”

- Jodi Lebow, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation at VersionOne

Personalization has become a pivotal part of every marketer’s strategy. With Uberflip in the perfect position to help B2B marketers personalize at scale, we saw an opportunity to make personalization even easier for the everyday marketer, whether it’s for ABM, inbound marketing, or sales enablement. That’s why today, we’re thrilled to introduce Uberflip Stream Templates, a new feature that will help marketers become ABM rockstars.

Uberflip’s Stream Templates give marketers the power to create personalized, branded ABM experiences in minutes. With easy-to-use design tools, you can upload a custom banner image, provide personalized messaging, and branded colors—without the help of IT.

But that’s not the only way our platform enables organizations to excel at ABM.

Uberflip for ABM

Uberflip supports your ABM content strategy in three key ways:

  1. Centralize: Break down content silos by creating a single repository of marketing-approved content.

  2. Personalize: Curate and design personalized, engaging content experiences.

  3. Scale: Enable your marketing and sales team to access the right content and experiences for every account, in minutes, not hours. 



Our powerful integrations make it easy to import all of your existing content assets into one central library that’s accessible to the entire company. From here, you have everything at your fingertips to curate contextual collections of content for your target accounts.


Using Uberflip’s Marketing Streams, you can quickly curate content experiences that engage your accounts with only the most relevant content. You can also use Sales Streams to create one-to-one content experiences for personalized sales outreach.

Leverage Uberflip’s brand new Stream Templates to easily personalize the design and branding of your Marketing and Sales Streams. Add logos and banner images and customize colors, branding and messaging.


With features like tags, Smart Filters, and cloning, you’ll be able to create and personalize experiences in minutes, not hours.

Uberflip Extensions also empowers your sales organization to build and share their own marketing-approved content experiences. Sales can easily access your company’s content library to send completely targeted selections to contacts at their target accounts.

Stop Worrying and Start Exploring What’s Possible

With Uberflip, you’ll finally be able to stop worrying about how you’ll create personalized content experiences for ABM in a scalable way, and start exploring what’s possible when you can engage your buyers with a tailor-made content journey.

“Many tools enable B2B marketers to scale and personalize their content experience. But only one tool keeps that experience consistent and meaningful throughout the customer journey. Uberflip is the Amazon Prime of Sales Enablement. With Stream Templates, we can clone streams in two clicks, use tags to easily find industry segmented content, and pull in a target account’s logo via their Clearbit integration. But the real differentiator isn’t just about how much time you save as a marketer or salesperson, it’s how you can wow your prospect by getting them exactly what they asked for, faster than any of your competitors can deliver.”

- Wes Quintin, Marketing Manager at Avanti

This is also just the beginning of something much bigger. It’s our mission to build a content experience platform that empowers organizations to engage their customers with personalized content experiences across the entire buyer journey. ABM is an important part, but it’s just that, a part. Stay tuned for more on how our platform is helping organizations make content experience an integral part of the entire customer journey.