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April Product Updates

Each month, we release new features, enhance existing functionality and fix bugs in the Uberflip platform, all thanks to the help of amazing marketers like you. 

Here’s everything we released in April:

Recommendation Dashboard

The Recommendation Dashboard is packed with performance insights surrounding your Uberflip content recommendations. Whether you recommend content in your hub or on your site using Site Engager, you’ll be presented with data to help you optimize your recommendations and measure their impact on engagement. 


Click here to learn more about this release!

Enhanced Features

  • Improved performance of our Embed Stream Tiles feature, so the Item Tiles that you embedded outside of your Hub will now load much faster.  
  • Optimized Site Engager code to speed up load times. You should now see much better page speeds on any page with Site Engager enabled.
  • We now support Pardot default fields with the Checkbox type (e.g. Do Not Email), so you can now add these types of fields to your Pardot Form CTAs .

Bugs Fixed

  • Validation on Form CTA text fields was allowing whitespace-only inputs to be accepted. Now, whitespace-only inputs will cause validation to fail.
  • Fixed various cosmetic issues with Flipbooks: an error that could appear when exiting fullscreen mode, and a display issue with the table on the subscribers page.
  • If the option to import tags from an external RSS feed was enabled on a Blog Stream, those tags weren’t being imported when the Stream was updated. This was fixed so the tags are now imported correctly.
  • Hub privacy banner was being shown in embedded CTAs. This is no longer the case.
  • Due to URL parameters added during navigation from one page to another, Google Analytics was treating one page as multiple distinct pages, fracturing pageview metrics for individual pages. This was fixed so that pages will only appear as single entries in GA.
  • In a related issue, query parameters were being stripped from URLs during page navigation, so they weren’t being sent to Google Analytics. These parameters are now once again being passed to GA intact.
  • Site Engager would sometimes not load if the rule was configured as Recommend: A.I. Engine > Recommend Items from: Select Streams. It should now load correctly with this configuration.