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Uberflip Use Case: Sales Enablement

Vidyard Sales Example

The animosity between sales and marketing teams has existed for a long, long time now (certainly long before the advent of content marketing). That this animosity still exists is a real shame, since it’s been proven that companies with strong alignment between sales and marketing typically enjoy stronger growth in revenue than companies without. 

This focus on “SMarketing” (or sales and marketing alignment) is unquestionably a valuable asset to companies that can make it work.

With Sales Streams and the Uberflip Extension, these two teams can now work harmoniously together to package and share personalized content experiences with prospects. In minutes, sales reps can quickly pull together a Sales Stream of relevant (marketing-approved) content, design it with their prospect’s branding, and include a personalized note. 

Vidyard, makers of a video platform that helps businesses transform communications and drive more revenue through the strategic use of online video, use Sales Streams to enable their reps to create and share one-to-one content experiences with their prospects. They can even embed welcome videos from each rep using an integration between Uberflip and their GoVideo platform, just for that extra personalized touch.