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Uberflip and Sigstr Integrate to Bring Personalized Content Into Every Employee Email

Uberflip and Sigstr banner

Billions of one-to-one emails are sent by companies every year, but too often these emails are overlooked as an effective content distribution channel. 

Today, we’re excited to announce an integration between Uberflip and Sigstr that enables everyone in your organization to deliver personalized content experiences in their email signatures. This integration provides companies with a brand new content distribution channel that personalizes the destination based on the specific email recipient. 

By curating contextual content streams that cater to segments like target accounts, personas, geographics, or stages of the funnel, shared Sigstr and Uberflip customers can be sure that every corporate email contains a relevant call-to-action. 


Turn every employee email into a marketing campaign

Dynamically insert targeted ads in the email signature section of every email your employees send. Unlike traditional mass email marketing, employee email provides you with millions of continuous impressions to your most engaged audience.

With Sigstr, every email can include a dynamic banner that sends the recipient to the perfect content experience within Uberflip.

Uberflip and Sigstr Examples

“I am so excited about this integration because it delivers Uberflip’s amazing content experiences to a massive audience via Gmail, Outlook, etc.— whether you’re promoting content to the entire world or delivering account-specific content through your ABM strategy.”

—Bryan Wade, CEO, Sigstr

The perfect integration for content marketers and ABM

Directly connect any Uberflip Hub, Stream, or Item to the appropriate email signature banner, all within Sigstr. When creating a new Sigstr campaign, connect to your Uberflip account and you’ll find a dropdown of all your content within your Sigstr campaign settings.

You can personalize your banner and content experience to specific audiences (personas, industries, accounts) to ensure you're promoting the right content to the right audience through every employee email sent! 

“You can’t use mass emails in an account-based strategy. Personal one-to-one emails are the best way to deliver content, and using Sigstr and Uberflip together has become one of our most effective ABM channels.”

—Daniel Day, Director of ABM, Snowflake


All Uberflip + Sigstr customers can begin to use this integration at no extra cost starting on December 4, 2018. To learn more and see how our mutual customer, Snowflake, uses Uberflip and Sigstr in action, check out this webinar