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Uberflip Use Case: Nurture Campaigns

Blackbaud Nurture Campaign

The issue with traditional email nurture campaigns is that they dictate the frequency at which a prospect can consume the content. If I’m on the receiving end of these emails and you capture my attention, should I be able to binge on the whole series without having to wait until next week? Of course I should!

Use a Marketing Stream to power the content experience behind your nurture campaigns and make it easy for your buyers to self-nurture at whatever pace they choose. With engaging features like the next-item flyout and personalized content recommendations, you’ll see engagement rates and funnel velocity increase. 

Blackbaud, the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good, uses a Marketing Stream as the destination for one of their top influencing nurture campaigns. So far, it’s generated over $100,000 in pipeline and an average of seven content pieces consumed per visit.