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September Product Updates

Our product and development teams are hard at work, building, improving, and updating our platform to allow organizations like yours to create amazing content experiences.

This month, we mainly focused on fixing bugs while working on some major new features that will be released very soon.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the Phone Preview/Tablet Preview/Desktop Preview functions (at the bottom of the left sidebar menu) were not working when the setting " Prevent the Hub from being displayed within an iframe" was turned on under Hub Options > Advanced.

  • Fixed an issue where resellers were not able to turn on HTTPS for managed accounts.

  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail images were not being scaled correctly on some mobile screen sizes/resolutions.

  • Fixed an issue where some CSS and JavaScript files were not being minified correctly, and were being flagged by page speed tools as a result.

  • Fixed an issue where the filter in the Uberflip Extension sometimes displayed additional blank menu items.

  • Fixed potential security vulnerabilities,, preventing possible injection, clickjacking and stored cross-site-scripting attacks. These vulnerabilities were identified through internal testing, and there are no known instances of these vulnerabilities being exploited.

  • Fixed an issue where some parts of the Uberflip app interface were not being displayed correctly in the Chrome browser.

About the Author

Rahim is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip. He loves understanding the market, crafting messaging, and enabling internal teams for success.

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