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Introducing the Recommendation Dashboard: Performance Insights Around Your Recommended Content

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have changed the way marketers deliver content to their buyers. Recommendations can now be tailored automatically and at scale, creating a need to understand how they are performing.

Today we’re excited to introduce the Recommendation Dashboard, which provides the insights and data you need to optimize content recommendations and measure their impact on conversions. 

The Recommendation Dashboard is packed with performance insights surrounding your Uberflip content recommendations. Whether you recommend content in your hub or on your site using Site Engager, you’ll be presented with data to help you optimize your recommendations and measure their impact on engagement. 

Know Where to Improve by Measuring Impact

When analyzing content recommendations, we should be looking to answer two important questions: 

  1. How are they increasing engagement with our content? 
  2. Where and how can we improve the experience to drive better results? 

The Recommendation Dashboard is built to answer these questions in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner. We were inspired by popular ad platforms that base their metrics around impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

This funnel approach puts the focus on conversion rates between these key metrics, making it easy to get to the data that matters.

See Your Most Recommended and Best Converting Content

What scares many marketers about content recommendation engines is the idea of handing over the keys to your content library and giving control to the system to decide what content to display to your audience. With this comes the importance of understanding what content is being recommended and when. 

The Recommendation Dashboard lets you see exactly what content is being served up by the engine and what content assets are converting the best, which helps you better understand buyer intent. Having access to this data encourages optimization, allowing marketers to experiment with titles, descriptions, and tile images with the goal of making content more click-worthy. 


Optimize Your Recommendation Rules

Recommendation Rules let you determine where content recommendations appear and what visual template is used to display them. You also have the flexibility to tell the engine what streams of content it can pull from when choosing content to recommend, giving you ultimate control over your content recommendations and the ability to blend your expertise with the science of AI. 

The second drill-down tab in the Recommendation Dashboard lets you see how each of your recommendation rules are performing, so you can continue to tweak and perfect them. 


Segment Your Results Easily

The first thing you’ll notice at the top of this new dashboard is the multiple filtering options, allowing you to refine the scope of your dashboard. You can filter the data by date range, or use the location, domain, visual, and type drop-downs to further segment your results.

 Our multiple filtering options make it easy to drill into your recommendation data to answer specific questions, like: 

  • What visual layout does our audience respond best to? (e.g., how do recommendations perform when displayed in the side panel, carousel, exit intent pop-up, promo tile, etc.)? 
  • How do AI-powered recommendations perform vs. single stream (not AI-powered) recommendations?
  • What are the ideal pages to display content recommendations on? (e.g., how do Site Engager recommendations perform, specifically on our pricing page?)

"It was a no brainer for us to leverage AI in the way we deliver our content. With Uberflip AI and Site Engager, we've been able to personalize the way our buyers experience content on our website and in our Uberflip Hub. Now that we have the Recommendation Dashboard, it's easy to see what content is getting recommended and how our recommendations are performing, so we can focus on optimizing our recommendation rules."

- Vivianne Costa, Senior Manager - Digital Marketing. PROS

Looking for more instructions on how to leverage the Recommendation Dashboard? View our detailed documentation

Ready to see it in action? Click here for a quick tour! 

Remember: If you don’t have Uberflip AI as part of your Uberflip package, contact a member of our customer success team to learn how to add it to your hub. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at