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The ABM campaign that increased page views by 31%

In this video, Grace Kleaveland Kupczak, Digital Marketing and Experience Manager at 6sense discusses how she leveraged the powerful partnership of 6sense and Uberflip to create a dynamic, scalable ABM campaign. When Grace needed to excite and educate prospects about account engagement platform 6sense, she used rich data insights to craft a hyper-personalized content experience for buyers at every stage of their journey.

Driving quality engagement and pipeline with data enrichment

In order to reach buyers and provide them with personalized content to help them self-nurture, Grace took a journey-based approach content and used the 6sense personalizer app to create audience segments based on their interests and stage of the buyer journey.

Instead of focusing on traditional lead generation metrics like form fills and clicks, Grace measured holistic engagement on her ungated content hub by enriching her data with Uberflip Analytics. She used this data to zero in on the most relevant content for her audience at every stage of their buyer journey and craft a targeted ad campaign that drove viewers to a personalized content destination within Uberflip.

“By personalizing our advertising messaging based on these factors, and sending prospects to personalized content within Uberflip, we're able to drive more quality engagement with our content, rather than sending them generic ad messaging using a ‘spray-and-pray’ approach,” Grace says. 

By using journey-based campaigns powered by 6sense to send viewers to personalized Uberflip destinations, Grace achieved: 

50% account view-through rate vs. a benchmark of 34%

31% increase in page views 

14% drop in bounce rate on homepage

“This is huge for us, as it confirms visitors are moving throughout our content hub and getting access to bingeable, relevant content, where, when and how they want it,” Grace says. 

The future at 6sense

The 6sense marketing team will continue to push the envelope on what is possible with 6sense and Uberflip with a focus on deep data insights to serve up the most relevant assets, rather than traditional metrics such as clicks, form fills and downloads.