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The awareness campaign that increased page views by 36%

In this video, Jennivine Lee Simon from Suki shares how a personalized content experience empowered the sales team and lifted page views by 36%.  

To increase Suki’s brand awareness and thought leadership in the healthcare space, Jennivine Lee Simon, Senior Director of Marketing Communications and Content, needed a personalized marketing campaign to educate prospects and nurture leads. 

Suki is a tech startup that creates AI-powered voice assistants to help physicians manage their administrative workload. The sales team at Suki uses personal emails to nurture close relationships with prospects, so Suki’s campaign needed to enable the sales team to provide a personalized experience for each lead. 

“Healthcare is a relatively small space, very relationship driven, so our sales team nurtures really close relationships with all of the prospects who are in our funnel,” Jenni says. 

Empowering sales teams and nurturing leads with content experience 

Jennivine defined a list of prospects and leveraged Uberflip and her marketing stack to create a personalized demand generation campaign that could be customized for each prospect and customer. 

With this solution, the sales team can also highlight in their email content curated and branded for each prospect or customer, and even include the prospect company’s branding. 

“I’m serious when I say every person on my sales team has told me how much they love creating Sales Streams because it allows them to curate a really personalized experience for their prospects. They like the ability to be able to add new content to the sales stream for their prospects all the time,” she says. 

Uberflip Customer Stories - Suki Awareness Campaign


Here are some of the results of Suki’s campaign:

  • It increased page views by 36% year over year which means Suki’s visitors are finding more interesting and relevant content.
  • It enabled the sales team to create personalized Sales Streams for prospects and customers

The future at Suki

Jennivine is going to continue investing in content as a key demand generation strategy, with a focus on product education and highlighting customer stories.