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The ABM campaign that leveraged sales engagement

The key to a relay race is having a smooth transition from one runner to another. Everyone can run at top speed, but if you’re not working together when passing the baton, you won't win the race. This is true for many things—ever heard “teamwork makes the dream work”? Of course you have!—and it’s true for sales and marketing teams, too.

The importance of sales and marketing alignment is often overlooked, but when these teams work together, they can improve ABM campaigns by providing a seamless experience at every stage of the journey. 

I know what you're thinking: That's all good saying it, but give us an example of how to implement it. Well, Kristin Kolb, Director of ABM at Matillion is here to talk about how they leverage Uberflip from a sales enablement perspective to help create that highly personalized, seamless ABM experience.

The main goal for Kristin was to support sales with their outbound prospecting efforts, enabling them to create highly personalized, engaging experiences to help fuel sales conversions, identify sales-ready buyers and accelerate deal cycles. 

So how do sales and marketing partner up for this ABM experience?

Matillion’s marketing team starts by using Demandbase to discover which stage of the buyer journey target accounts are at. Once marketing has identified who should be contacted and when, the sales team can leverage Uberflip to send value-based messaging and content, turning what would usually be an outbound cold call into a warm call—yay, teamwork! 

The marketing team has created a sales zone folder in Uberflip for reps to quickly and easily locate the best-performing marketing content to build out their Streams. Using an Uberflip Stream means accounts receive an aesthetically pleasing email with only a single CTA, taking them to a wealth of relevant content within a personalized destination. Accounts can binge on content, and Uberflip Analytics give sales the power to analyze what content they’re engaging with, who's returning, and more. 

It's a win-win! The insights help sales optimize their Stream, and the account has a one-stop-shop for all their resources—invaluable on both sides.

But wait! The sales team isn't just leveraging Uberflip for outbound. They're also following up on demos and previous conversations. And the ability to secure the Stream means they can share specifically curated confidential content.

Matillion: The ABM campaign that leveraged sales engagement

Now on to the results:

  • Sales can provide a 1:1 experience they couldn't before
  • The sales team has seen higher results in:
    • Meetings booked
    • Content engagement
    • Adoption of Uberflip across the sales team as a key prospecting tool
  • The best-performing sales Stream has an average session duration of 2 minutes 55 seconds and a low bounce rate of 42.9%

What will happen going forward?

Matillion will continue to use Uberflip:

  • To expand the reach of its sales team, provide training sessions, and create templates with the best-in-class conversion-first design
  • To scale their ABM at the sales level through the use of Streams
  • To ensure that all go-to-market teams are aligned on messaging for accounts, that marketing and sales messaging are streamlined, and sales can implement similar personalization for accounts and prospects

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