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The awareness campaign that drove 81% YoY increase in marketing-contributed revenue

Zachary, Director of Marketing Ops at automotiveMastermind, discusses how he created a repeatable, scalable content approach to help customers and prospects navigate changing market conditions. 

automotiveMastermind is a leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for the automotive industry. When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Zachary Monroe, the company’s Director, Marketing Operations saw a great opportunity for automotiveMastermind to provide thought leadership to dealerships and to provide support as they navigated the uncertainty in the market. From this, Zach was able to produce a scalable, repeatable strategy that he could track right to revenue. 

The automotiveMastermind marketing team’s goal was to get in front of more dealerships to let them know what they were all about and how they could help them land more customers. 

Tailoring content to respond to changing market conditions

The team created an omnichannel marketing strategy to reach target accounts and educate them about automotiveMastermind and their sales automation platform, Market IQ. As the market conditions changed with the onset of COVID-19, Zach was able to quickly and easily pivot the content strategy towards supporting dealerships. 

Zach used digital advertising to build brand awareness and grab his prospects’ attention, then drove the viewers back to content destinations within Uberflip. Destinations can be customized quickly to adapt to market changes and serve up content to support those changes—an approach which is repeatable and scalable. He published new content to the Uberflip platform and amplified it through their marketing channels within a matter of days. 

“That was really a game changer for us because it allowed us to not only help our dealerships and other dealerships that might be looking for this information, but to put it out there before they even were really thinking about what they were looking for.” 

Uberflip Customer Stories - automotiveMastermind Awareness Campaign

Campaign results

209% YoY increase in content-based form submissions 
185% YoY increase in marketing generated leads
81% YoY increase in marketing contribution to revenue 

Utilizing content to engage with the real-time needs of prospects has been really impactful for automotiveMastermind.

“We went from a situation where there were a lot of cases where our sales team was approaching dealerships and trying to sell and they didn’t even know who we were, but that’s flipped. Dealerships now know exactly who we are when our sales organization goes to them,” Zach says.

The future for automotiveMastermind is repeatable and scalable 

Zach has been able to pivot his content strategy to speak to the changing needs of his audience with other market challenges, too. During the recent semiconductor shortage that impacted several industries, Zach put together an entire resources section to support dealerships within a few days. 

“Being able to utilize Uberflip to not only put that content in front of them, but to create an experience that allows them to move from one type of content or one topic to the next, has really proven valuable because it’s kept folks engaged, it’s kept them on the pages, and it’s kept them not only just reading content, but engaged and raising their hand and asking for more,” Zach says. 

The marketing team has focused on creating a customer lifecycle centred around helping the customer by going beyond just educating them on the robust automotiveMastermind platform, and providing dealerships with information they need to thrive in a changing market. 

Moving forward, Zach is working on fully automating all stages of the lead and customer journey in order to increase funnel velocity and customer retention.