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How Matillion fuels sales with personalization at scale

"Uberflip elevates our ABM to deliver the right content, to the right people, every time. The platform allows our sales and marketing teams to be hyper-personalized for a faster sales cycle.”

Kristin Kolb headshot Kristin Kolb Director of ABM

When Matillion needed to create more engaging content experiences for highly-personalized campaigns, they saw big results by using Uberflip. 

Meet Matillion

Matillion helps teams get data business-ready, faster. They’re a leader in data productivity, offering a complete data integration and transformation solution that’s purpose-built for the cloud. Founded in 2011, they employ more than 650 people while working with organizations of all sizes—around the globe and across dozens of industries.

Their Results with Uberflip


new MQAs added


new pipeline generated


of their target accounts moved from tier 2 to tier 1


Personalization at scale

Before Uberflip, Matillion struggled to personalize at scale. 

They were launching a new go-to-market strategy called the Matillion 6K Campaign. They had a list of 6000 target accounts they needed to prospect and convert to MQLs but struggled to engage audiences with their content. 

Matillion was also in a growth period and doubling their sales headcount year over year. They needed to scale ABM without hiring at the same pace as the sales team. 

Uberflip was their solution for creating personalized and engaging experiences that would generate sales-ready buyers, accelerate the deal cycle, and fuel sales conversions. And don't forget - they needed to do this for 6000 accounts and they needed it done fast. 


A new go-to-market strategy for prospecting enterprise accounts

Matillion segmented their prospect list of 6000 accounts into five tiers based on interaction and engagement data provided by Demandbase - with Tier 5 being demand gen and Tier 1 getting strategic 1:1 outreach. 

Each tier is then broken down further by funnel stage and the cloud-data provider they use - for example, Snowflake_TOFU and Snowflake_BOFU. 

This is where scalability enters the chat. 

Matillion used Uberflip's dynamic personalization features to create custom content destinations for each of their 6000 prospects with the click of a few buttons. 

Sales leadership created templates their reps could use from within Sales Assist that dynamically populated the prospect's company logo and updated the welcome text as a prospect's email or domain is provided. Each template included eight pieces of content, a quote, and a highlighted video based on their cloud-data provider and where they are in the funnel. The Contact Us CTA connected the prospect with the AE's calendar, which they want to eventually connect to Chili Piper.

By highlighting specific pieces of content and customizing banners with personalized logos, they could engage multiple accounts across a variety of channels, including ads, email, and direct mail at scale without manual 1:1 customizations. 

Matillion's tech stack also includes Drift, which they have integrated onto their Uberflip pages, and Sendoso for sending gifts to bottom of funnel prospects.  

With this approach, not only were they able to engage 100% of their prospect list,  but they moved 30% of their Tier 2 prospects into Tier 1, generated 112 new opportunities, and influenced over $1.66M in pipeline. 


Make Uberflip part of your sales team's new hire onboarding and celebrate 1:1 outreach success stories during team stand-ups.