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The multi-channel demand gen campaign that led to 75% account reach

ManpowerGroup wanted to create and deploy a cohesive, multi-touch campaign that would reach both new and existing target audiences with engaging, relevant content with the ultimate goal of accelerating the buyer journey—don't we all?

So Michael Barry, Senior Manager, Global Marketing started by identifying the accounts they wanted to target, getting their attention with a mix of email and paid ads served up by Demandbase and social platforms, and sent accounts to campaign destinations in Uberflip.

Manpower group digital ad and campaign destination

Here are some of the campaign results he saw:

  • High content engagement (items per session)
  • More than 150 downloads of their asset
  • Over 75% of target accounts were reached and brought back to specific campaign pages

What he's doing next:

  • Evolve personalization of campaigns and better leverage CTAs and their content experience to move prospects down the path to purchase