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How a Visualization Company Increased Their Lead Conversion Rate by 450% With an Improved Content Experience

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The Company: NanoLumens

NanoLumens creates mass-customized, scalable LED video wall solutions for every size and purpose. They are the fastest-growing visualization company in the U.S., with global clients in retail, transportation, corporate, gaming, higher education, sports and arenas, and houses of worship. 

The Problem: Segmenting Their Content Around Their Verticals

Unlike some organizations, lack of content was not a problem for NanoLumens' marketing team.They posted a blog a week, a case study a month, and a white paper a quarter. They drove a tremendous amount of traffic to these assets using strictly PR, and very little paid advertisements. 

Instead, the problem they were facing was that their website was a traditional B2B site where resources were only categorized by the type of content, and there was no way to organize content differently. This caused issues for NanoLumens as they targeted 11 different verticals, but there was no way to segment and personalize their content around these verticals. 

NanoLumens needed a new and unique way to build out the presentation of their content that allowed them to easily target all of their verticals. 

The Solution: Using Uberflip to Personalize Content to Accelerate Prospects Through the Funnel

After discovering Uberflip at the B2BMX conference, Joe’ Lloyd, VP of Global Marketing at NanoLumens, knew she had found a solution to her organization’s content struggles. She loved the way Uberflip allowed people to consume content like they consume television. Much like how no one watches one episode only to wait a week to watch the next, people don’t want to be consuming content that way. A visitor doesn’t want to download one piece of content and wait to be contacted; they want to consume as much content as they desire, and at the speed that they want. Excited by the ability to distribute content in meaningful ways, NanoLumens adopted Uberflip and began to implement this new customer-centric focus. 

NanoLumens’ marketing team restructured their outbound communication to benefit from Uberflip’s ability to scale personalization. Now that they had the ability to tag content by vertical, they could segment outreach based on their 11 different verticals, then create Streams of content for each persona. This ensured their audiences were being served content they would actually be interested in. Using Pardot and Uberflip’s data, NanoLumens analyzed the behavior and activity of their different audience personas—they looked at what they’d clicked on in the past, found trends, then made sure the right content collections went to the right personas at the right time.

Given the success the marketing team saw, NanoLumens’ sales team decided to incorporate another of Uberflip’s features. Their business development representatives completely adopted Sales Streams. The team loved how they could quickly spin up personalized 1-to-1 marketing approved content destinations for their prospects in minutes. To help facilitate this adoption, NanoLumens’ marketing team acted as consultants to the BDRs to ensure they were creating Sales Stream destinations targeted by vertical, persona, and activity. 

Results: Increased Click Through Rates by 64%

After launching their Hub, Lloyd and her team are seeing incredible results. 

The goal of segmenting their content by vertical was to increase click through rates on targeted campaigns, and they achieved just that. By segmenting their content by vertical, and targeting campaigns around each one, they saw an increase of click through rates by 64%. The campaigns linking to content had contextual show beside CTA’s resulting in 20 net new opportunities. 

Previous to Uberflip, NanoLumens was receiving 2-4% conversion rates on their landing pages to download white papers and ebooks, which they thought were amazing conversion rates. So, they were blown away when now, they’re seeing an 11% conversion rate on their Uberflip gated Form CTAs. Using Site Engager to display their video content on their website increase views by 3x.  Not to mention, they are saving so much more time publishing and sharing content. It used to take the content team over 30 minutes to get something live on their site, now they are publishing the content in less than five minutes. 

NanoLumens is also able to prove the ROI from their content experience improvements. By revamping their demand generation campaigns with personalized content experiences, they've been able to increase their lead conversion rate by 450%. 

Joe’ and the team at NanoLumens have proven that by segmenting content effectively and personalizing content experiences can generate immediate results and hit the ground running.