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The ABM campaign that influenced 33 opportunities

Matillion was looking for a new way to target accounts and support sales in their prospecting efforts. So Kristin Kolb, Senior ABM Manager at Matillion embarked on an ABM pilot that focused specifically on accounts with an identified cloud data warehouse and created a highly personalized experience that allowed them to increase account engagement and accelerate pipeline creation.

To do so, she ran a multi-channel 1:many campaign that included hands-on events, Rollworks and LinkedIn advertising, email marketing, sales outreach, and a webinar all to 200 target accounts that they knew were already using Snowflake.

They created a personalized content experience (see below) as the destination for their advertising using a theme of building a modern data stack. Their goal was to show prospects at target accounts how their solution and Snowflake—a solution they already use—work together.

They left the experience ungated and tracked unique visitors, return visitors, and who was viewing and consuming what. They then passed that information over to the sales team so they could have valuable conversations with their prospects and know who best to interact with.

Campaign goals

  • Replicate this approach for other campaigns and build out other personalized experiences
  • Use personalized experiences to promote virtual wine nights and events