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How a publicly traded company uses Uberflip to quickly reach investors, employees, & healthcare professionals

Speed to market is top of mind at Liminal BioSciences. Shrinal Inamdar, the company’s Investor Relations and Communications Manager, created a customer engagement campaign to package and quickly disseminate time-sensitive press releases, analyst information and brand messaging to its investors.

Shrinal is a veteran Uberflip user. During her time at Liminal BioSciences, she has leveraged the content experience platform in three different business units for various objectives including demand generation and customer engagement. In her current role, Shrinal is responsible for overseeing all of Liminal’s digital assets including email campaigns, SEO, investor conferences, social media and press releases. The Uberflip platform helps her team communicate with existing and potential investors as well as pivotal players throughout the wider industry like patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals and regulators.

“What we need to do is ensure that we’re serving the latest press releases, webcasts, financial reports and governance documentation with the best user experience, and clearly Uberflip has met that need,” Shrinal says. 

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel treatments, Liminal BioSciences is publicly traded on NASDAQ. As such, they must ensure fair disclosure of new information. They work with analysts to create awareness of their vision and mission for the company, and they use investor conferences to share their story with potential investors.

Keeping investors informed

Providing the right assets at the right time for potential investors is of utmost importance to Shrinal. The marketing team can quickly publish new content such as brochures, white papers and press releases with the Liminal BioSciences’ branding applied. The team then amplifies their content through social media and email marketing and this drives back to a content destination within the Uberflip platform.

“Uberflip is a great tool for beginners as well as experts. You don’t need to know any HTML, you don’t need to know any coding… all we do is copy our press releases from our newswire service and upload them into Uberflip,” Shrinal says.

Uberflip Customer Story - Liminal Biosciences Customer Engagement

How Liminal BioSciences uses Uberflip:

  • The capacity for code-free upload of assets in minutes ensures the ability to respond to market demand and interest
  • The analytics let them track engagement and ensure the relevance of their content 
  • They also use Uberflip’s analytics functions to understanding user interest in content types and topics

Internal communications hub to keep employees informed

Shrinal uses Uberflip to keep internal stakeholders informed as well. She created an internal communications Hub which each employee has set as their home page. Every time they open their browser, they are immersed in the latest internal information. Looking ahead, Liminal BioSciences plans to further develop their internal communications using Uberflip.