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The demand generation campaign that produced over 15 million dollars in Q1 pipeline

As marketers, we know the important role content plays in driving engagement, but great content that’s poorly packaged can hinder buyers in their journey. The experience matters! Casey Nighbor, Content Marketing Manager at TrueBlue, shares a perfect example of the impact great content can have when you package it as a content experience.

Casey and the team wanted to educate clients and prospects about TrueBlue’s unique offering and highlight what sets them apart from their competitors. The goal was to increase awareness of their staffing solutions, generate high-quality leads, and engage and nurture prospects. 

The campaign used content to educate prospects and show solutions to their problems. The team targeted clients and prospects through emails and ads on LinkedIn and Google with solution-based messaging that addressed their pain points.

Identifying and attracting their prospects was just the start. Casey and the team then used Uberflip to drive that all-important engagement. Uberflip allowed them to build content experiences as a seamless continuation of their solution-based emails and ads while feeling like an extension of their website. It allowed the TrueBlue team to create experiences within relevant topics so prospects could explore what mattered to them most. Using only a single CTA from their ads and emails, prospects were taken to a binge-worthy content experience—with just one simple click. The bonus? Using Uberflip allows Casey and the team to continue to customize and update the stream in real time, based on insights. 

Content is continually fuelling engagement for TrueBlue and creating content experiences doesn't just help get their prospects into the funnel—it accelerates and streamlines their journey.

TrueBlue’s payoff:

  • A 58% increase in leads from content downloads from 2020 to 2021. All leads that come through content are captured via Uberflip form CTAs gating their assets.
  • Casey’s division generated over 15 million dollars in pipeline in Q1 2022, just from inbound leads accessing their content experience.

Coming up:

  • TrueBlue plans to use Uberflip to build persona-based content experiences to further grow its demand generation strategy.