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The ABM campaign that generated $3.4M in pipeline in three months

When COVID-19 brought events to a halt, Amber Bogie, ABM Manager at Degreed had to re-tool her thinking to pick up the slack. In this video, she shares one of her greatest campaign successes over the past year and her formula for success.

Leveraging the power of Uberflip, Amber targeted specific accounts with general messaging on an ad served on LinkedIn or Terminus which drove accounts to an Uberflip destination where they could self-select the pain point that resonated best with them and choose to read more content associated with that pain point.

Here are some of the ABM campaign results she saw:

  • Booked meetings with 1/3 of accounts targeted 
  • $3.4 million in pipeline generated and only $40,000 spent on campaign efforts
  • Sales organization wanting marketing to get involved in their accounts

What she's focused on next:

  • Continue with 1:many campaigns
  • Scaling 1:1 efforts 

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