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Rebranding two $100m+ brands into one for accelerated growth [podcast]


Episode Description


On this episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I interview Katherine Calvert, CMO at Khoros. Katherine began her career in communications and by her admission “didn’t even know what marketing was” but was always interested in tech and the idea of helping connect businesses to their customers. Her background has led her to take a conscious holistic approach to marketing: she understands the value of comms but also knows that data is hard to argue with when you’re trying to prove ROI. This holistic view of marketing and ability to adapt was integral to her success as CMO as her team merged and rebranded two $100M companies to form Khoros.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Data is the one thing in marketing you can truly measure and it’s important that as leaders we understand the advantage of this to earn a seat at the table.
  • Rebranding is difficult, expensive and messy, especially when you are merging two defined identities. In Katherine’s case it was a perfect opportunity to fuse data into the decision making process. Doing market research became critical to going about the rebrand properly.
  • As a B2B marketer your job is to create and accelerate revenue opportunities. When you are clear about this North star and impart this to your team, the next steps become natural and it allows more collaboration with your sales team.