A Visual History Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

A Visual History of Content Marketing

Don't let the relatively recent hoopla around content marketing fool you! People have been tapping into the power of content for years to connect with each other and grow their businesses. While the last few years have seen a tremendous rise in the use of content marketing — to the point where it's starting to become synonymous with marketing itself — it's certainly nothing new.

Back to the Future in this Content Marketing Infographic

From John Deere's "The Furrow" magazine to G.I. Joe becoming "A Real American Hero" to Seth Godin making eBooks mainstream, content marketing has been gaining  traction for over a century. We thought we'd take you on a walk down content marketing memory lane, and check out some major moments in content history. And who better to guide us than the one and only Emmett "Doc" Brown? That's said, let's go back to the future in style with this content marketing infographic!

History of Content Marketing Infographic

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