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The Top 10 Revenue Impacting Marketing Activities [Infographic]

Infographic Top 10 Pipeline Marketing Activities | Uberflip

B2B marketers engaged in pipeline marketing focus not just on the top, but the entire sales funnel, all the way down to purchase and creating customer-advocates. No matter what the newest technology and channels are, pipeline marketing is the foundation that keeps effective marketers focused on the bottom line: revenue.

Read on below for the top 10 most positive, revenue impacting activities and channels and discover how relationships and a great content experience are the keys to a prospect's heart.

The Top 10 Revenue Impacting Marketing Activities Infographic | Uberflip

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Jermaine Reyes is the Content Marketing Manager at Nextopia. Jermaine keeps both eyes open to emerging, disruptive technologies and the simple fundamentals of planning and executing well.

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