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Why Content for Events Is All About Curation [Podcast]

As an event marketer, it may sometimes feel as if the weight of being an expert in the various subjects and fields represented at events rests on your shoulders. This week’s guest on the Conex Show, however, joins to discuss how that is actually not the case.

Emma Pearce, Head of Event Content for SaaStock, has a lot of experience managing content for events. Her biggest piece of advice to anyone else in this position is to remember that you are not responsible for being a creator—you’re the curator.

By keeping her tips in mind, you can avoid unnecessary stress and focus your energy on pulling together the best speakers and the best content possible for your next event. See what she had to say on this week’s podcast!

In This Episode: 

Why Event Content Is Uniquely Different From Content Marketing

As Pearce explains it, event content is a hybrid of research, strategy, copywriting, and speaker acquisitions. Part of her job is conducting extensive market research to really get under the skin of issues that matter to their audience and translate these to actionable learning, fun formats, and insightful agendas.

Why Being the Head of Content for Events Is Not the Same as Being a Content Creator

Being the head of event content, your role is to curate content and put it into a format that's going to work for your audience, not to be the industry expert. The industry that you're an expert in is how to create amazing content for events.

“In putting together events, you’re not the content creator. You’re the content curator.” — @emmarpearce

How to Get More Out of Content Once the Event Is Over

Your main event is of course the grand presentation, but there's so much more content that happens besides just that one day. Pearce explains how the SaaStock team films, records, and live streams during events to ensure they have plenty of content to leverage for post-event engagement.

“It is so important that our speakers create fresh content for our event. We don’t accept content that’s been published anywhere else.” — @emmarpearce

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