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How to Create Killer Event Follow-Up (In Under Two Minutes!)

Our Event Marketing Manager Sarah is a busy gal. She spends half her time flying across the continent to represent Uberflip at events, and the rest of her time on the ground planning for the next conference we’ll attend. It’s a wonder we ever get to see her at all. 

Part of Sarah’s job is to help prove event ROI—and that starts with killer follow-up. If you’re a do-it-all event marketer like Sarah, you know the perfect post-event strategy can be tough to nail when the next one looms so closely. It can certainly be tempting to send off a half-hearted Slideshare link and be done with it. But not here! 

In this video, Sarah will show you what she includes in her typical event follow-up, how she makes it personal every time, and just how quickly she’s able to whip it all together. (It literally takes her two minutes.) 

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