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What We Love (and Hate) in Event Marketing [Podcast]

Keynote or workshop? Industry expert or celebrity guest as headliner? Box lunch or buffet? These are details that can make or break your event marketing and shape just how much attendees get out of your conference and its programming.

In this special episode of the Content Experience Show, co-hosts Randy Frisch and Anna Hrach trade opinions on event marketing and conference programming.

Join Randy and Anna as they take on the buzzer in this event marketing lightning round. (And stay tuned through the end of the episode to hear what’s in store for Conex: The Content Experience 2019, coming to Toronto this August!)

In This Episode:

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Multitrack Conference Programming

The first topic Anna and Randy tackle is whether single track or multitrack conferences are preferable. While there are benefits and challenges to each, it’s clear that the hosts have a favorite format.

“When we put people into more than one track, we’re actually losing time within our conference to deliver content because we have a lot more of, if you will, that hallway crossover.”


The Most Effective and Enjoyable Post-Conference Networking and Social Events

While no post-conference networking event is going to appeal to everyone, when given the choice between an intimate dinner or a huge party, what do most people prefer? Anna and Randy weigh in.

“While I love meeting people at conferences, and I love getting the opportunity to chat with people, and I do always love a good drink, I love the fact that at dinner parties, you can get beyond the ‘who are you’ and ‘what do you do’ and actually have a conversation.” – @annabananahrach

What Small, Intimate Conferences Provide Attendees That Major, Big-Budget Conferences Cannot

What’s better: An intimate event with a single talk track and the right people in the room, or a huge event with multiple tracks and tons of attendees to network with? Anna and Randy share their thoughts on why they think one option is more enjoyable than the other.

“How do we bring the right people into the room? Because a big part of any event we go to is, 'Who can I network with?'”


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About the Author

Randy Frisch is a co-founder of Uberflip and held many roles, including President and CMO, where he evangelized the content experience.

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