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When Your CMO Changes Your Event Name… With Less Than 130 Days Left

Facepalm. Heart rate increases. Sudden shallow breaths and a little bit of the sweats. I want to crawl under my desk and hide, but with our open floor plan, that would only draw stares. Sometimes, our CMO, Randy, has got some crazy ideas. But this time, deep down, I know he’s right.

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe Shannon. You got this. And so does my incredible team.

With the success of last year’s inaugural conference, The Uberflip Experience, we were naturally led to thinking about how we could improve it. Obviously, the name doesn’t work. Why? Because the event’s not about us. It represents something bigger than the brand.

Today at Uberflip, we think the content experience matters as much to marketers as other established tactics in the marketing toolkit. And this annual gathering is our way of bringing together the amazing companies and people who focus on the content experience. The best marketing minds in the industry are there to talk about the possibilities of how content experiences can fuel the buyer’s journey.

So we needed to show the world that it’s not about us, but about the content. And so, what was The Uberflip Experience is now...

From The Uberflip Experience to The Content Experience Name Change | Uberflip

It’s less than 130 days away. Much work lies ahead, but I’ve got to thank Randy, for giving us that little extra push to make things right. The name feels right, too. We hope you think so and that you’ll be there to tell us.

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Shannon Dougall is an adventurer, scientist, and artist in the field of marketing. She had been compared to a Swiss Army Knife, using her experiences and learnings towards an all-in-one type of demand generation and customer acquisition.

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