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How can content supercharge physical events?

Finally, some good news...physical events are making a comeback! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, events are a great way to build brand awareness and expedite the relationship building process with your buyers. While we’re all blowing the dust off of our event planning documentation, remember to plan a strategy around one of the most critical components of a successful event; content. 

Aside from the collateral that’s being offered at the booth, content has a much wider role in the physical event experience. This week, VP of Marketing, Mike Waldron explains how to use content to kick your physical events into high gear.

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Why do B2B marketers love events? 

Events act as a vehicle that allow buyers to engage with your content at a high frequency within a very short timeframe. Those touchpoints start before the event, span through the event’s live dates, and conclude when the last email is sent post-event. According to Forrester, it takes 11.4 pieces of content to be consumed in order for buyers to make a decision, which is why events can act as a catalyst that accelerates the buying process.

Create content destinations to maximize content consumption at events

As we warm up slowly to the idea of safely gathering at physical events again, remember that you need to warm up your leads prior to the event, too. Whether you’re the event’s host or sponsor, or delivering a keynote session, take the opportunity while you’re promoting the event to provide buyers with a content destination that houses all the content they’ll need to enjoy the event as well as auxiliary content related to the main theme. If you’re hosting an ABM conference, then provide viewers with a content destination filled with top-performing ABM content to help them build excitement. You may want to provide visitors with the option to book a meeting with you at your booth, too.

Supercharge your post-event follow-up

Content can help you nurture buyers after the event is over, whether they attended the event or took a raincheck. Package the content your buyers engaged with at the show into a content destination, and offer it as part of the follow-up. We all know how crazy events can be, so this is a great way to remind them of the content they consumed. Post-event roundups also act as a way to keep those who didn’t show up engaged with your brand. By adding additional content to your content destination, your buyers can extend their content journey and continue learning about your brand.

Use content to pack a punch at your next physical event

Say goodbye to your Zoom backgrounds and mute fails, and hello to physical events—and to customers in the flesh—once again! Utilize content to make those touchpoints count.   

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