How an Advanced Analytics Provider Achieved a 3x lift in MQLs

The Company: TrendKite

TrendKite is an Austin-based PR analytics startup that helps media companies measure the impact of their PR initiatives through their suite of analytics, reporting tools and services.

The Problem: Converting Visitors to Engaged MQLs

David Cardiel, Director of Demand Generation at TrendKite was looking for a new way to host their thought leadership content, encourage engagement, and increase inbound leads.

Generating content wasn’t a problem. The marketing team had built up a vast library of content that included more than 300 blog posts and dozens of ebooks, playbooks and webinars. Yet despite their efforts, they were failing to meet their traffic and lead generation goals. TrendKite’s blog was not generating the volume and quality of MQLs they needed, therefore conversions were negatively impacted. Their content wasn’t optimized, their prospects weren’t engaged, and as a result, their lead targets weren’t being met.  

The Solution: Getting to Market Faster

Having used Uberflip at his previous organization, Cardiel knew immediately that the solution to his problem was Uberflip and wasted no time getting it up and running.

“When we rolled it out internally, jaws dropped,” said Cardiel. “Our employees embraced the product quickly and were passionate about the platform. We launched our first Hub in six weeks, and our second Hub two weeks later!”

With their new thought leadership Hub, PR Forward and their brand new Resource Center, the TrendKite team now has a consolidated source for all of their content, organized by topic, industry and persona. It is also seamlessly integrated into their marketing automation platform, so converting traffic into leads is easier than ever.

With the help of Uberflip, the Trendkite team is now getting to market faster, building campaign’s quicker and at scale. “Uberflip is doing the work for us, we’re able to focus our time on assessing inbounds, and strategizing sales follow ups, instead of spending our time dealing with the cumbersome process we had in place prior to Uberflip,” says Cardiel. 

What’s more, following their successful launch, Cardiel noticed that his sales team was beginning to share more content than ever before and as a result, were promoting their PR Forward brand. 

The Results: Uberflip Created Results Right Out of the Gate

Within the first month of launching TrendKite’s Resource Center, Cardiel and his team increased their inbound MQLs by 3x, thanks to the ability to position and categorize their content by industry, content type and solution. With strategically placed CTAs on the hub, visitors can easily register for webinars, download eBooks, and request product demos. Out of those, Trendkite saw their conversion to demo rate increase 4x. 

“Uberflip is a big reason why we were able to hit our inbound target goal each month. They’re also the reason why our sales team feels much more equipped when closing deals.”  said Cardiel. 

Beyond lead generation and conversions, TrendKite’s blog subscriptions increased. Within a month, their team saw a 500% increase in blog subscriber’s to PR Forward. With these results, David and his team are excited to build out additional Uberflip Hubs as TrendKite continues to expand their content strategy. 

About the Author

Alana Merdzan

Alana is the Customer Marketing Lead at Uberflip. She loves highlighting the awesome work our customers do with our platform.

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