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[UBERFLIP] The vertical-specific ABM campaign that sourced $1M in pipeline

Michael Waldron, VP of Marketing at Uberflip wanted to target the manufacturing vertical after seeing some significant wins without specific targeting. So he set out to provide an experience that was tailored to that industry. 

He started off by looking at the data and pinpointing accounts that had shown previous interest in their product as well as intent data that showed current interest in a strategy or problem he knew his solution could solve for. Then they used targeted LinkedIn ads, digital ads, and sales outreach to drive to a content destination created specifically for that industry.  

Here are some of the ABM campaign results he saw:

  • Ability to launch campaign in days not weeks and optimize on the fly
  • Source $1M in pipeline in three months 
  • 2x increase in content consumed

What he's focused on next:

  • Clone this approach and apply it to other verticals