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Content marketers: Level up your content experience with Uberflip

Content marketers: Level up your content experience with Uberflip

As a content marketer, you know the way you package and organize your content matters—and as content experience fanatics here at Uberflip, we feel the same. So much so that we built content organization into our Content Experience Framework.

If this is your first time reading about Uberflip, you're in for a treat! If you've been here before, you already know this blog will be filled with valuable solutions to make your life as a marketer easier. You’re here because you want to improve your content experience… so, how can you do this? We're about to unpack the features that let you create, update, maintain and organize a centralized content library with ease. 

With your interest successfully piqued, let's dive into just a few ways we can help you level up your content experience game as a B2B marketer: 

Learn more about content experience tactics: 

Organization at scale

The role of the content marketer comes hand in hand with organizing content, something we’re very passionate about at Uberflip. An organized hub with well-tagged content makes it easier to boost the discoverability of those fantastically insightful pieces you’ve created. Uberflip’s tools can help automate processes that you’d usually spend heaps of manual time managing and categorizing. The less time you spend manually doing tasks such as tagging, the more time you have to spend on strategy and insights. What’s more, it makes your library easy to scale as your company grows. So what tools and features do we offer to enable content marketers to do this at scale? We’re glad you asked:

Make global changes to content in mere minutes

From one content team to another, the Bulk Task Smasher (BTS) is a gift from the Uberflip gods and a joy to use, especially when you’re undergoing a content audit! This new app, available in the Uberflip Marketplace, helps eliminate the repetitive manual tasks that eat up so much of your time. With BTS you can edit, create, tag, and delete content in bulk. Not only does it save you time but BTS empowers you to clear out the clutter in your hub which helps increase your high-value content’s discoverability. 

Organize your hub with automatic smart filters

With us being so passionate about content organization, it’s no surprise that, here at Uberflip, we’ve taken it to the next level with, *drumroll*… Smart filters! These AI-powered filters allow you to automate your content management, sorting, and tagging workflows. It allows you to automatically apply pre-decided rules to content, speeding up content organization across your entire library. Smart filters allow you to apply one or more actions such as adding or removing from streams, tagging, and more, helping to reduce the manual effort of organizing and managing your hub by automating your content management workflows.

Break down silos and create one source of truth

One of the biggest challenges as a content marketer is managing multiple versions of the same piece of content living in different places—it can be an absolute nightmare! Having multiple versions can make it impossible to ensure content is up to date, but having one centralized location, one source of truth, makes it easy for branding and content updates to be implemented. What’s even better? Having a single source inspires confidence in your customer-facing teams that the binge-worthy content experiences they're sharing are filled with the most up-to-date versions.

Organize and integrate your content into dedicated hubs

By organizing your content into an Uberflip hub, you’re creating a single source of truth that every customer-facing team member can access. You no longer have to worry whether your teams are still deploying old versions of content, as everyone will be accessing it from the same place. But it doesn’t stop there! We’ve got your content living outside of the hub covered too! Uberflip enables you to integrate third-party content platforms such as RSS, SlideShare, Wistia, Vidyard, and more, to break down content silos for more control across platforms. This makes it quick and easy for all the relevant teams to build out content streams, with no need for logging in and out of other platforms or downloading and reuploading content. It's all in one easy to use, organized, location.

Create and edit content directly with the Uberflip blog editor

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: goodbye to flicking back and forth between platforms to write and publish your content! Take control of drafting, editing, and publishing blogs, right within the hub. It’s so simple to edit every aspect of a blog, from the title to the URL slug. You can even create articles to support assets like ebooks and videos with ease, and replace whole ebooks or even just single pages to simplify version control, with no need to reupload a new ebook each time. All this can be done within the same platform. Not only does all this save you time, but it also maintains one source of truth. With only one version existing it makes rendering updates a lot easier and avoids having multiple versions floating around. Music to our ears.

Accelerate your buyer journey 

Internal organization is a critical part of the process but, when it comes down to it, our goal is to accelerate our buyer journey and grow pipeline. Results matter. Well, don’t worry, Uberflip’s got your back there too: 

Measure content success and ROI with insights

There's only one way for you to drive content success, and that’s with in-depth, holistic, insights. Queue Uberflip Analytics (UFA). UFA helps you discover which content resonates most with your customers through item-level performance insights, helping you to link content to ROI. Track each visitor's journey through items, streams, and individual conversions to understand which streams have the best performance and what’s just falling flat—eesh! You can also leverage preset dashboards or create custom reports specific to your business needs—and so much more!  

Make your customers feel at home with scalable personalization

Our Content Experience Disconnect Report shows that buyers want content personalized to their problems and content they might be interested in. Creating scalable, personalized, and bingeable content destinations is vital to accelerating the buyer journey. Uberlfip allows you to create these destinations in the form of marketing and sales streams. You can quickly apply relevant content with company branding and messaging to share directly with customers.

Take your content experience to the next level

We know you have great content, but the way you package it matters, in terms of your customer and prospects and your internal teams. You might think we're biased—and maybe we are—so hear from our customers how Uberflip has helped them with customer engagement:

Having an organized and centralized hub for your content doesn’t have to just be a content marketer's fantasy. It’s a must-have to help improve that all-important customer experience. Speak to an Uberflip expert today and discover more about Uberflip’s tools and features.