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ABM marketers: Level up your content experience with Uberflip

ABM marketers: Level up your content experience with Uberflip

The B2B marketing landscape is changing fast, and as a modern marketer, you need the right tools to stay on the cutting edge of marketing innovation. B2B buyer behavior is changing, with buyers spending longer self-nurturing. Gartner's research found that B2B buyers only spend 17% of their purchase decision time meeting with potential suppliers. To exceed your account-based marketing (ABM) needs and expectations, we at Uberflip are constantly evolving to help you deliver the most effective solutions for the continually evolving B2B buyer.

In this blog, we’re showcasing just a few ways Uberflip can help you take your ABM campaigns to the next level with content experiences buyers won’t be able to resist. Find out how the Uberflip platform can improve your ABM campaigns by helping you to unveil your audience, personalize at scale, encourage self-nurturing, and ultimately accelerate your buyer journey.

Learn more about how Uberflip can accelerate your buyer's journey:

Get to know your key accounts to improve your ABM campaigns

Personalized, relevant content engages and inspires your buyers and accelerates the buyer journey. We've all heard the saying that knowledge is power, and when it comes to ABM, it definitely applies. The more you know about your buyers, the more personalized your content experiences can be. With the vast amount of data at digital marketers' fingertips, you might think you know your accounts pretty well already. You likely have a ton of information about how your content is performing in terms of traffic, bounce rate, or lead generation, but are you gathering actionable insights that you can leverage effectively? Let us show you how Uberflip can help you take your data analytics to the next level to create better and smarter content experiences:

Enrichment data 

Uberflip’s performance dashboard, Uberflip analytics provides you with the data you need to answer questions about how your buyers are experiencing and engaging with your content. Now we’ve evolved our analytics offering even further with Uberflip Enrichment, to give you more actionable insights into how your key accounts consume your content. Enrichment takes you beyond anonymous, aggregated performance metrics and helps you to identify the account's contacts behind your content performance and how they’re consuming content. Enrichment works by allowing you to connect buyer data from your marketing automation platform (MAP) to engagement metrics in Uberflip Analytics. This kind of detail can uncover the topics, themes, or types of content that are generating the highest engagement and accelerating decision-making, enabling you to validate, or adjust, your target personas from a content consumption perspective.

Form and Link CTAs

As marketers, we’re always looking at how we can optimize performance. Uberflip’s lead capture features empower you to turn your content into journeys and convert traffic into revenue. Your content journeys should always lead to a CTA to encourage self-nurturing and keep your buyers moving through their journey. Serving up personalized content that incites your buyers to convert. A great way to do this is with Uberflip’s CTAs. By utilizing our link and form CTAs you can increase content consumption and turn any piece of content into a gated asset, increasing valuable leads! Form CTAs make gating content super simple, and they’re even simpler to turn on, with just the click of a button. When you set up a form CTA you can use integrations such as Marketo to start collecting leads seamlessly. You can embed Uberflip’s form CTAs directly within a stream or alongside your content, enhancing your ability to capitalize on engaged visitors and capture that all-important lead information. 

Personalize your content experience at scale

Personalization has always been at the heart of any successful ABM campaign and that hasn’t changed, but the level of personalization buyers look for has experienced a shift. Today’s buyers expect their whole content experience to be personalized, not only to them as an individual but also based on their pain points and the solutions that will help. Personalization can be very time-consuming and hard to scale without tech but Uberflip lets you create personalized content experiences at scale. Our personalizer apps are powered by integrations with industry-leading B2B data providers such as Demandbase, 6sense, Clearbit, and Bombora. The integration of these apps makes it easy to automate content experience personalization for your target accounts, including branding and messaging, allowing you to add that extra layer of customization without spending hours creating content for each account.

Martech integrations allow you to personalize at scale

As the B2B buyer landscape becomes more complex and tech stacks become bigger it's more important than ever that your tech tools can work together. This is why we let you plug your tech into Uberflip to boost your content experiences. We have a partnership with WordPress VIP helping to supercharge your CMS. You can also integrate your MAP or use Uberflip Marketplace (where our partners can build apps) to integrate your favorite marketing tech with Uberflip. These integrations (plus more!) allow you to personalize your content experiences and seamlessly pass across new leads captured, and engagement data, to trigger the perfect next step in the journey. Integrating your intent data lets you dynamically personalize content destinations so that they are customized with a buyer’s company logo, tailored messaging, CTAs, and, of course, curated content that’s relevant to the account—all without you needing to lift a finger! 

Build engaging content experiences to encourage self-nurturing

Let’s not underestimate the importance of binge-able experiences. B2B buyers are spending longer self-nurturing before they contact a salesperson, with 74% of B2B buyers preferring an element of self-education. ABM campaigns that encourage self-nurturing massively speed up the buyer journey compared to buyers waiting to be sent one piece of content at a time. The good news? Building those engaging content experience destinations at scale with relevant content, customized layouts, personalized branding, and messaging has never been easier.

Uberflip AI

Uberflip AI has got your back when it comes to content recommendations. Using machine learning and intent data, it serves up relevant content to your buyers as they self-nurture through your content experience, keeping them engaged for longer. Our AI content generator allows you to dynamically personalize content journeys for your buyers at scale by recommending the right asset every time. Giving your buyers the content they really need helps to encourage them to continue self‑nurturing, engaging, and moving quickly through the buyer journey. And what's more, leveraging Uberflip’s Site Engager helps keep your visitors on your pages for longer by recommending relevant content when your buyer indicates they might leave your site.

Marketing streams

By using marketing streams you can create hyper-personalized content experience destinations. With Uberflip’s content management features, you can maintain an organized, centralized content library with ease, so your content is accessible to all the members of your team who need it, including those all-important customer-facing teams! Thanks to Uberflip you can add your best-performing and brand-approved content to a single destination, create fantastic personalized experiences for your buyers with logos and branding, and, to add a cherry on top, you can measure engagement at the contact level, so you know who is engaging with what.

Level up your ABM campaigns with Uberflip

Don’t just take it from us, hear from our customers on how Uberflip has helped them with ABM campaigns:

Understanding your audience is key to creating those all-important personalized experiences that encourage self-nurturing, whether it’s 1:1, 1:few or 1:many, personalization can help accelerate your buyer journey. Speak to an Uberflip expert today and discover more about Uberflip’s tools and features.