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Five questions Uberflip Analytics can answer

Graphs and charts that depict content metrics

Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman at LinkedIn, has said: “Data really powers everything that we do.”

Jeff, we agree! With access to more data than ever before, you can ensure the content experience you’re giving your customers is what they need.

Before we dive in to talk about how Uberflip Analytics provides you with the data you need to face real-world problems in your day-to-day role, let’s get you up to speed with two helpful definitions: 

1. Streams are content destinations that curate content from your library to create a personalized experience for the audience.
2. The Content Hub is the back end of the Uberflip platform, which hosts your collection of Marketing Streams. All of your content assets and Streams live within a content hub.

Now, let’s get started! Here are just some of the ways Uberflip Analytics can answer the content experience questions that are on your mind. 

1. How can I accelerate the buyer journey?

Buyers on average consume 13 pieces of content before making a purchase decision, but it’s our job as marketers to get them to that point as fast as possible. What’s the best way to achieve this? Encourage buyers to binge on your content.

Uberflip Analytics helps you understand the performance of content destinations in terms of engagement, content consumption, and conversion. You’re probably used to seeing pages per session as a metric in platforms like Google Analytics, but we take it one step further by showing you items per session. This is a more accurate indicator of engagement because it ties back to actual content consumed.

Uberflip Analytics chart that shows stream performance

It can also show you the breakdown between:

  • New and returning visitors
  • Your destination’s bounce rate
  • Whether it led to a conversion activity

You can drill down into a specific content destination or stream to see: 

  • What items are the most popular
  • Visitor trends over time
  • Individual session details

So why are having these insights important? You can ensure your hub and streams are optimized to achieve your goals and provide the best recommendations to your buyers. Understanding and optimizing your stream performance accelerates your buyer journey, getting them to the purchase stage faster. Uberflip's embedded dashboards make optimizing even more straightforward. Embedded dashboards make it easy to leverage performance data while making changes in streams. You can streamline your content experience decision-making with valuable summary metrics embedded directly in the stream and item management workflow. Sales reps can also view account and contact summary dashboards within CRM accounts and contact pages, allowing them to better understand how content can help support their selling activity.

Embedded item performance

2. How can I optimize my CTA conversions?

When it comes to Uberflip calls-to-action (CTAs), they’re more than your standard offerings. Uberflip has the option for CTAs to be an item on your stream, gate content, or content recommended to engage the buyer.

Uberflip Analytics provides three important metrics to look at CTA performance: impressions (how many times your CTA appears), activations (the number of times a visitor clicked into your CTA), and submissions (the number of times a visitor successfully submitted your CTA). 

These three metrics allow you to get a detailed understanding of how your CTAs are performing. For example, a high number of impressions and activations but low submissions, means something is causing visitors to stop. Alternatively, a low number of impressions may be caused by the CTA placement or how many streams it’s active on.

Ultimately, you’re aiming to increase submission rates to maximize both the quantity and quality of leads. By reviewing performance and optimizing the CTA placement in your stream, you can help your buyer move from one item to another in fewer sessions, taking them to the bottom of the funnel faster.

3. What content paths are my visitors taking?

We know the buyer journey isn’t linear. It’s a path filled with multiple entry and exit points. Understanding how your visitors move through your content is key to curating experiences that promote bingeing and engagement.

Uberflip Analytics tracks each visitor showing their path by stream, item, and the conversion rate associated with each of these paths. Insightful, right? 

Understanding your stream performance allows you to see how buyers are moving through the content from one item to another, empowering you to create the most optimal path and better strategize how to put together high-performing content experiences.

4. What content is resonating best with my visitors?

Uberflip Analytics chart showing the themes that are resonating most with buyers

As a marketer, how do you know whether to focus on creating blogs, videos, whitepapers, or slide decks… or is there some other medium to concentrate on? To add to the complexity, it’s often not that simple given that buyers, according to Forrester, need an average of 13 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision (it’s so important we’re telling you again!). How do you find out what content is going to work best? You leverage the power of tags. 

By leveraging tags in Uberflip, you can:

  • Pull reports to uncover what topics and themes are resonating most with your buyers
  • Measure content performance against different tag categories
  • Discover where your content is lacking coverage and where you should invest in creating more

Using tags allows Uberflip Analytics to show content engagement by type, industry, and more (and with our augmented analytics feature, Enrichment, you can also see personas, specific buyers, and accounts straight from your marketing automation platform), helping you to better understand what works at different journey stages. By looking at content engagement based on tags, you can see more than just the amount of traffic specific content receives (vanity metric alert!) Instead, you can determine whether those visitors actually stuck around long enough to consume that piece of content, ultimately refining your content experience so your buyers can get to the content they want quicker.

5. What content is underperforming?

Uberflip Analytics report

Forrester did a study of B2B buyers and found that 66% of them felt vendors gave them too much content, and 57% felt much of that content was useless—yikes! 

Is the content your organization spends its time and resources creating getting used and driving engagement? If the answer is no, it’s time to do something about it. 

Not to fear, Uberflip Analytics is here! Because our analytics are available at the item level, it’s easy to see what content is getting zero engagement. That’s a great starting point for your content team to assess which assets are not resonating, then dive in and find out why.

You can also see content topics or formats that may not be working based on various patterns, helping you focus on creating the content that will drive leads and buyers deeper into the decision-making process. Maybe you’ll decide to distribute the content in more places to see if that impacts performance, or choose to retire it if it’s a little bit, well, you know... rubbish.

The importance of a clean library can be underestimated, but underperforming content prevents your buyers from discovering content relevant to them and moving on down the funnel. It also hinders your team from locating the right content to share. 

Bonus question: Can Uberflip give me the insights I need to optimize my customer experience?

In short, yes. I know what you’re thinking: we’re biased. Well take it from one of our customers in the information technology and services industry:

"The analytics we've gained from Uberflip have been critical in improving our content strategy. We've been able to support our sales team with ABM streams and have seen more leads come in thanks to our new resource hub. We love our monthly touch-base meetings to better understand our site's analytics and areas for improvement—it’s a true partnership working with the Uberflip team."

Uberflip Analytics can provide you with the ability to drill down into your data like never before and help you solve problems you are faced with every day. You can finally discover the details—like what channel is driving buyers to your stream, and which content is driving them through the funnel quickest. You can make improvements quickly and respond to insights. We know the importance of focusing on metrics to tell the story of actual engagement, which is why Uberflip Analytics gives you a huge step forward in how you measure the impact of your content experience. 

Want to learn more about Uberflip Analytics? We've got you covered.