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How to dynamically personalize ABM destinations at scale with Uberflip

B2B marketers spend huge amounts of time and money capturing the attention of their buyers and leading them to decision-enabling content. ABM marketers know the value of creating personalized experiences to nurture prospect relationships, but achieving personalized experiences at scale is still a challenge. 

We’re not talking about sticking a “Hi {First Name}” in an email—those days are long gone. B2B marketers are taking a more strategic approach for their account-based marketing campaigns. That’s why having the ability to dynamically personalize a content destination is a game changer for both you and your buyers.

If the idea of dynamic personalization piques your interest, check out how you can leverage Uberflip to create dynamically personalized destinations at scale for your ABM campaigns.

Personalize content destinations with these apps

Uberflip can help you scale your ABM campaigns and provide personalized experiences while taking a one-to-many marketing approach.When using one of these apps, marketers can identify both known and anonymous visitors in real time and dynamically create personalized streams of content that increase engagement and move buyers through the journey, faster. 

Four of our personalizer apps are powered by integrations with industry-leading B2B intent data providers and are available in the Uberflip Marketplace: 

The fifth app is our Query String Personalizer that relies on parameters you define in your URL.

As long as you’re an Uberflip customer, you’ll have at least one of these apps available to kick up your account-based marketing approach.

What can I dynamically personalize?

The personalizer apps available in Uberflip Marketplace enable you to dynamically incorporate a prospect’s logo and change the messaging and content displayed in a marketing stream like the one below.

Through integrations with Demandbase, 6sense, RollWorks, and Bombora you can: 

  • Show only the most relevant items by dynamically filtering content based on intent data attributes
  • Customize the experience to each account by populating the content destination with the prospect’s logo
  • Create personalized titles, descriptions, body text, and CTAs by automatically inserting values from Demandbase, 6sense, RollWorks, or Bombora data

When you use our Query String Personalizer app, you can personalize a single Stream’s banner, text on the page, and even the content that gets displayed to each specific visitor using information contained in the URL. This is a great method for personalizing content experiences at scale when you’re targeting buyers with a programmatic email through your marketing automation platform.

Personalized journeys start here

There’s no way around it—buyers today have come to expect highly personalized experiences throughout their customer lifecycle. Now that everyone is jumping on the personalization bandwagon, it really comes down to how quickly and easily you’re able to scale your approach. Today’s savvy modern buyers know that if they don’t immediately see value in your product, they can easily seek out the services of your competitors. Start showing them a personalized journey from the start.