Why Does Content Go Viral? What 100 Million Articles Tell Us [Infographic]

We all dream about seeing our blog posts grow like wildfire and hit a million views within hours. You’re used to writing good articles with grabby headlines, adding images that pop, and hoping that this will grab people's attention.

However, creating content that users feel compelled to share is more complicated (and a lot more interesting). BuzzSumo, a software that specializes in analyzing content, just published amazing data regarding which content is the most shared across web, what motivates people, and what steps marketers can take to spark content virality.

You may have read other articles that try to explain the process, but this infographic has been backed up by pure data. Take a look!

Tweet the facts:

People prefer to share long-form content (2000+ words) over short-form content - Tweet it

Most users love to share content that makes them laugh or feel awe inspired - Tweet it

Adding images to your content will increase the chances of it being shared on both Twitter and Facebook - Tweet it

<a href="http://www.uberflip.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://mktcdn.uberflip.com/viral_content_uberflip_infographic.png" alt="Viral Content Infographic" /></a>

About the Author

José Antonio Sánchez

José has seven years of experience in cross-platform media and marketing. He's responsible for the development and management of marketing campaigns at Uberflip.

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