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9 Marketing Automation Hacks Powered by Zapier

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In order to get stuff done, most marketers must use over 100 tools on a regular basis. It’s not much of an issue when the tools integrate with each other, but when they don’t, it makes their life miserable.

With so many marketing tools out there, developers can’t possibly integrate them all. Enter Zapier, the app that brings them all together. A lot of software providers rely entirely on Zapier to bridge the gap between their app and others simply because these guys know a thing or two about APIs.

If you are a marketing automation geek like me, you will enjoy this list of nine Zapier hacks that will make your life so much easier. Here are the “Zaps” (or recipes) that have been the most useful to me in the past as well as the coolest new automation ideas that I will likely try out.

1. RSS to Google+ page

If you don’t spend much time on Google+ yourself, chances are that your Google+ page is the forgotten stepchild of your social media strategy. Using Zapier with the help of our friends at Buffer, you will never forget to share your new blog post on this neglected network ever again. All you have to do is to plug in the RSS feed of your blog in Zapier and automate posting to your Google+ page through your Buffer account. You can even define the format of the post and include a short description, hashtags, etc.

2. Twitter lead generation cards autoresponder

Whenever a new Twitter lead gen card is filled out, it’s possible to tweet out a response to the lead. This is a good way to start a conversation with someone who just engaged with your content, right on their preferred communication channel. It will increase the odds that they will start following you on Twitter if they found your content through an ad. The magic of Twitter lead generation cards is that they include both the email address and the Twitter handle of the lead. In Zapier, you can simply create a Zap that tweets out a quick thank you note, starting with the Twitter handle that was just added to your subscribers list.

3. Build a custom RSS feed

Would you like to republish content to your blog but the format of the source is not optimal? With Zapier, you can actually build an RSS feed from scratch. Select all the fields that you need, whether they come from a social media stream or from another RSS feed, and customize the output as you wish. You can add standard elements, like a header picture,  text or even a closing call to action. 

4. Build a list of people who share your content

Using Zapier and Google Docs together, you can feed a spreadsheet with useful data, like people who tweet your content. Build a list of every tweet that matches your blog domain or another page where you publish content (i.e. You will learn who your biggest advocates are on social media, and you can use this list of contacts as a starting point to promote your next great piece of content.

5. Nurture event registrants

When someone registers for your next event, you won’t have to use Eventbrite’s or GoToWebinar’s canned emails anymore. Instead, start a drip campaign from your preferred email marketing software. Whether you use MailChimp, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, or AWeber, Zapier has your back. That way, you can deliver tailored emails by using the more sophisticated features of your marketing platform and all the custom fields within your database.

6. Create an email draft following a form submission

Most of the time, automation is great but once in a while, you want to add a personal touch. When someone fills out a form on Wufoo, Typeform or HubSpot, Zapier can create a draft in your Gmail to get you started on your follow up. It will allow you to take a look into it before you hit send, and who knows maybe add a little personal touch?

7. LinkedIn new connection to Gmail

For the sales hackers out there, Zapier has a lot to offer too. In the same fashion you could follow up on a form submission in Gmail, you can also create a draft (or send an email right away) whenever you get a new connection on LinkedIn. This will ensure that you engage with new connections right away, while you are top of mind.

8. Sync email contacts between platforms

50% of companies use more than one marketing automation system. Those competing platforms are not necessarily making the greatest effort to integrate with each other, so Zapier can help. Sync contacts from your CRM or your email marketing tool using Zapier whenever a new contact is created. A similar recipe can also be used to replicate your unsubscribers within two databases and help you stay compliant.

9. Delay trigger

Timing is everything in marketing, so it’s no question that one of the most useful Zapier features is the delay trigger. In some cases, responding too soon just doesn’t make sense. Instead, use a delay to follow up an hour or even a day later to help keep a conversation alive or to nurture over the long term.

Please let me know if you can think of other great Zapier tricks in the comments!

About the Author

Francois Mathieu is a Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. He is the Co-Founder of <a href="">Hōjicha Co.</a>, a specialty tea distributor and retailer.

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