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November Is Everything HubSpot At Uberflip

November is an exciting month at Uberflip, and not just because of all the leftover Hallowe’en candy lying around the office. It’s…wait for it…HubSpot month!

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software that helps companies all over the world attract leads and convert them into customers through inbound marketing. And if you haven’t heard already, we’ve  recently joined up with them to help you do just that via your Hub.

Our HubSpot integration allows you to seamlessly connect Hub CTAs to a HubSpot landing page or sync a CTA to a HubSpot smartlist. In short: the HubSpot integration streamlines the process of turning your Hub visitors into customers.

Because HubSpot’s software has so many layers, we decided to dedicate this month to breaking them down and giving HubSpot newbies and seasoned veterans alike a handy go-to resource. We encourage you to sign up to be notified as soon as each piece comes out.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on deck:

  • Sending email campaigns with HubSpot
  • Managing your social media with HubSpot
  • Diving into HubSpot’s analytics tools
  • Lead nurturing and lead scoring
  • A how-to guide on using HubSpot and Uberflip together
  • And more (there are too many to list!)

We’ll also be releasing an eBook that walks you through the process of creating a HubSpot campaign from start to finish, and capping off the month with an exclusive webinar, during which you’ll be allowed to ask any questions you have that haven’t already been answered.

Don’t miss a thing: Sign up to receive articles and event notifications throughout the month and welcome December 1st as a bona fide HubSpot expert.