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Case Study: Understanding And Delivering Content That Your Audience Loves

At Uberflip, we drive leads by promoting a free trial of our powerful content marketing platform. However, not everyone that lands on our site is ready to try our product right away. We need to engage prospects with rich, meaningful content to maintain their interest  until they’re ready to engage in a Trial and ultimately, a purchase.

By integrating our Hub CTAs with HubSpot, we can get really granular insight into how our audience is engaging with our content, and are then able to share relevant content that they actually find appealing.

Segmenting Users

The first step is to create HubSpot Smart Lists based on the different types of users that we target, and on the specific kinds of content shared through our Hub (eg. eBooks, webinars, infographic, case studies). For instance, we’ve created lists for trial users, existing clients, and subscribers of our blog and newsletter.

Connecting Hub CTAs and Smart Lists

Within our Hub, we’ve placed targeted CTA forms at different content levels: home page, within a specific content stream (like all tweets, all videos, etc.), and even beside individual items (such as a blog post, a webinar or an eBook). Those CTAs have been integrated with unique Smart Lists that are segmented depending on the content type. For example, we can identify people that have watched Video X, read blog post Y and downloaded eBook Z into one list, identifying them as high potential leads.

Gathering Leads

Once our content is shared through the appropriate distribution channels (social media, email, press releases, etc.), the various Hub CTAs allow us to capture the contact information of leads, which then gets automatically synced with a corresponding Smart List in HubSpot.

Super-Targeted Content

We also use HubSpot Workflows to trigger automated (and super-targeted!) emails to our audience. For instance, members of our Blog Subscriber Smart List receive a daily digest with the best posts in our Hub. Users that filled out a webinar CTA are invited to try our software. The goal is to nurture and move each contact ahead through the sales funnel.

In the end, users are engaged with Uberflip content at every step of the sales process. From when they first connect with us to becoming prospects and leads, we always make sure that everyone’s getting the right message at the right time.

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