Video: HubSpot’s Sarah Bedrick On Reducing, Reusing And Recycling Your Content

December 6, 2013 Uberflip Hub

Reducing, reusing, and recycling your content

Wednesday, December 4th was an exciting day at Uberflip! We hosted the Toronto HUG Year-End Meetup for HubSpot users and the HubSpot-curious alike, and it was a great success.

Special guest Sarah Bedrick, a HubSpot Academy Senior Inbound Marketing Professor, flew out from Boston to join us and give an awesome talk on getting the most out of your content through reducing, reusing and recycling. Watch below for a video of her live presentation, and check out the SlideShare doc in our Hub.

We’ll be hosting another HubSpot meetup soon! Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned to the #TorontoHUG hashtag for updates.

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