Why Content Experience Matters

January 21, 2016 Randy Frisch

Content Pros Podcast

In this week's Content Pros episode, our hosts Chris Moody of Oracle Marketing Cloud and Randy Frisch of Uberflip touch on reflections from their myriad interviews with experts: crafting a nuanced experience, managing assets, and constantly innovating.

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In This Episode:

  • How to provide the right experience for each channel
  • The most important factors when determining whether to promote gated or non-gated content
  • Identifying when you're innovating vs. following the "format"
  • Why creating more nuanced content matters
  • How globalization affects your content strategy
  • Best practice marketing tools
  • Why you should have a "librarian" on staff


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About the Author

Randy Frisch

As President and CMO, Randy runs around daily between marketing, strategy, operations, sales and execution of Uberflip's awesomeness.

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