How Pardot Builds Customer Loyalty Through Memorable Experiences [Podcast]

September 17, 2018 Randy Frisch

Today, a lasting impression in the B2B world comes from so much more than creative marketing or even having a good product—what people truly care about is experiences.

When a customer comes away from your business with a memory of their amazing experience, they’re far more likely to come back for more. In fact, everything from a customer’s first visit to the purchase of your product should contribute to building that positive memory.

Nate Skinner, Vice President of Product Marketing at Pardot, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss memories as the foundation for customer loyalty.

In This Episode: 

Turning Current Trends and Data Into Experiences for Your Customers

With so much data circulating about what works and what doesn’t, the question comes down to, what do we do with it? Skinner explains how he analyzes and takes advantage of it.

“Data is everywhere. It's constantly coming out of everything and every place, driving a need to synthesize it and learn a new level of analytics and understanding.” — @renniksn

Why Artificial Intelligence Has Become Crucial for Analytics

AI has become crucial to help us interpret data effectively. Leveraging artificial intelligence can help apply an analytical capability to your business. Otherwise, as Skinner says, you're kind of shooting in the dark.

“If you’re getting all this data and you don’t have a platform on which to analyze and to understand what it means, you’re missing an opportunity.”


Customer Loyalty is Built on Memories

Skinner discussed some research found in an issue of Harvard Business Review that explained the experience economy, and the need to take things like content and connect them to everything that a customer or a prospect will engage with. Every touchpoint you have with a customer or prospect should be connected to create a memorable experience.

“Extraordinary content can change someone's mind, or engage them in a way they've not been engaged before, or it can cause them to take a particular action.” — @renniksn

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