How Isagenix Creates Experiences for a Global Audience [Podcast]

September 3, 2018 Randy Frisch

When working with a global brand, it’s important to be mindful of the different ways your content will be perceived by audiences in every country.

Instead of trying to make generic content that will appeal to as many people as possible, the goal should really be to create customized content that delivers a remarkable experience for anyone who engages with your business.

Amy Rushia, Digital Experience Manager at Isagenix, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss creating meaningful content for a global audience.

In This Episode:

How Content Creation Works for a Global Brand

Amy explains how her team is shifting from creating content exclusively for existing customers to launching an advertising campaign for prospecting. In order to do this, she and her team developed personas segmented by the different categories they aim to target with their different products.

“We are working with people in market and translators that really know the culture versus just regurgitating words that don't necessarily mean anything to them culturally.” — @AmersR

Connecting with a Global Audience

When catering to audiences in different countries, it’s important your marketing messaging is relevant to each one. Isagenix has an entire international division to help with that, along with associates and legal teams on the ground to ensure they’re creating the best possible experience for each market.

“We have photographers that go into market and work with the different ethnic groups within each of the countries.” — @AmersR

Governing Multiple Regional Teams

Overseeing content on a global scale is no easy feat. In order to do this effectively, there are a number of tools her team around the world uses to stay connected and organized.

“You have to get international teams on board with what the process is and what the governance policies are so that they’re off and running and on the right foot.” — @AmersR

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