How HarperCollins Christian Publishing Maintains an Active Community [Podcast]

November 30, 2017 Randy Frisch

Jason Schemmel, Social Media Manager at HarperCollins Christian Publishing, joins the Content Pros Podcast to talk about building and engaging with a healthy, active community.

In This Episode:

  • How identifying your target audience can guide which social media your business should focus on
  • Why you should use social media as a funnel to catch a wider audience that leads back to your product
  • How repeatable campaigns can help your brand stand out and keep your audience engaged
  • The importance of empathizing with your audience when creating targeted ads

Quotes From This Episode:

“In today’s social media age, it seems like everything has to be visual. There has to be a visual component to it, or it’s just going to get completely lost.” — @JasonSchemmel

“When people are looking out for each other, that’s what’s really adding value to everyone and that’s what’s really going to drive a successful community.” — @JasonSchemmel


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